Transport Scandinavia: an unconvenient truth..

Antwerp, 2022 July 19th, Against the background of the port of Antwerp, me (Erwin Cootjans) and Lexi (7 months old now) discussed – always in a good mood – with our friends Gino Van Leuven and Patrick Vandaele of Scanfor bvba the extremely complicated situation regarding our services to Scandinavia. Due to the loss of Baltic carriers for these countries (because the mostly Ukrainian drivers have been mobilised), there are – even more than in other areas – gigantic capacity problems. The Scandinavian transport companies are currently seeing their chance to increase their rates out of proportion. We have to deal with that. In addition, the cost of ferries have increased by more than 50%. It is a complicated story to explain to our clients. But we, Nunner Logistics and Scanfor bvba will have to…

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