Business intelligence (BI) and big data

Accurate, relevant and timely end to end information and intelligence is crucial to manage and improve your supply chain. We work in close corporation with our clients to define what information is relevant in all parts of the customer supply chain to control process and respond pro-actively to events.

Nunner`s interactive and real–time BI technology creates customized dashboards that show performance and status of all relevant activities.Data is pulled out ot Nunner`s NTMS suite and directly connected to a BI database that is accessible on multiple devices like pc`s, smartphones and Ipads.

Next to the automatically generated dashboards, Nunner 4PL/LLP also supports extensive analytics and specific customized reporting. Some examples are:

  • Financial reporting (e.g. accruals, costs indicators on multiple levels, FA&P details, invoice accuracy)
  • Performance reporting of carriers, measured in NTMS (e.g. pick-up and delivery performance, claims, damages, data accuracy, IOD/POD lead-time)
  • Customer Experience (e.g. customer service, complaints, T&T accuracy, driver performance)
  • Sustainability (e.g. CO2, green initiatives)

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