Hazardous cargo

The term hazardous material is applied to all substances and objects whose transport may represent a potential threat to the environment, humans, animals and public safety and order. The transportation of hazardous materials is therefore subject to various legal regulations depending on the mode of transport. The regulations concerning classification for the relevant mode of transport determine whether a substance or object is a hazardous material. For road freight the ADR regulations are applicable. Nunner moves hazardous cargo via both LTL and FTL Nunner practises its own Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) and ADR specialist. They offer shippers all the advice that is required. A shipper’s or customer’s Dangerous Goods cargo will be checked promptly and accurately. Legal requirements concerning all of the countries and ports related to transport are taken into account.

In addition, Nunner ensures safe transport by observing the relevant stowage and segregation requirements of dangerous goods. This gives additional safety to the cargo, our warehouse staff, our drivers and the overall environment. Nunner’s DGSA’s are also available to discuss all issues with regard to the different international and domestic regulations and help customers find solutions for special arrangements and exemptions via our relations to the authorities in countries around the world.

All our hardware and staff (X-docks, X-dock staff, trucks and truck drivers) are fully in conformity with international regulations. Each driver has his ADR-license and knows how to handle dangerous goods and what to do in case of emergency. All trucks and hauliers are audited twice a year in order to verify if they are still in accordance with international regulations and the even more strict Nunner regulations. Nunner has several DGSA officers and a “Dangerous Goods Specialist” (highest degree) in the company.

Nunner has done an SQAS assessment and complies with all requirements there-of. SQAS is an assessment system that was developed by the chemical industry itself (CEFIC) to check if service providers comply with all requirements in respect to safety, control, organisation, quality and environment.

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