In today’s world, technology is changing constantly and in a fast pace. For that reason, Nunner 4PL/LLP is a strong believer in modular, SAAS based and flexible systems that can be updated keep up to date with the newest developments.

Nunner Transport Management System Suite (NTMS suite) is a modular network of integrated systems, that can support all requirements in today’s 4PL/LLP management for supply chains and transportation networks at very competitive costs.

NTMS can easily connect with major client ERP and WMS systems via middleware or a large variations of interface protocols and API.  The system is interfaced with more than 250 carriers. Functionalities that we support are:

  • Carrier integration and connections
  • Carrier labelling and printing on site
  • Carrier selection
  • Dynamic planning
  • Multi leg planning
  • Multi lingual
  • Freight audit & pay
  • Shipment optimization
  • Real-time geofence track & trace
  • Milestone track & trace
  • Customer web portal
  • Proactive event management
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Business Intelligence reporting, dashboards and analytics
  • Carrier procurement and tender management
  • Network studies
  • Innovation management, collective intelligence and idea management
  • Document management

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