Hi-tech & Electronics

In the fast-paced and increasingly globally competitive world of  high-tech and electronics, we  face the challenge to respond to and engage with, the ever-evolving needs of our customers in this industry.

Nunner helps its customers in this industry gain competitive edge by:

  • Getting products to global markets better, faster and cheaper
  • Providing a consistent tracebility at all times
  • Measuring each and every single activity relevant for a smooth supplychain and take the necessary actions where applicable


Whether it is a time sensitive new product release or a replenishment shipment to a retail store, Nunner understands the necessity of visibility, traceability, and reliability. We have developed and implemented solutions for quite some companies in electronics and understand the time sensitivity in servicing their customers.  Some of the largest and fastest growing electronics companies use Nunner Logistics’ services  to manage their local or global supply chains.

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