Month: November 2020

A truck of Alois Nunner Internationale Spedition und Transport in 1967

Bistrica (Former Yugoslavia) 1967, a truck of “Alois Nunner Internationale Spedition und Transport” en route to the port of the Yugoslavian Rijeka. Here a stop between Maribor and Rijeka near Bistrica (now Slovenia). Our heroes of the time Siegfried Seljak and Franz Lierzer proudly pose in front of their brand new truck. At the time, it took about 7 hours to do such a ride.

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Direct LCL Silkroad connection from Xi’an to Vilnius

Nunner Logistics lithuania welcomes again an LCL container sent by TIEDADA GROUP by rail from China to Vilnius. From this logistics hotspot we distribute very quickly all shipments for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Western Russia (including Moscow), Sweden and Finland. Another wonderful joint product from Nunner Logistics and TIEDADA GROUP.

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New Nunner-Innovation: By rail to / from Korea and Japan

Nunner Logistics continues to innovate and extend our rail links with the Far East. What have we arranged for you now? With the support of the Russian government (subvention) we can offer extremely good rates BY RAIL for cargo between our hubs in Duisburg and the Russian east coast port of Vostochny to and from KOREA (Busan, Incheon) and JAPAN (Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Sakata).

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