Track & Trace and more

Nunner’s state of the art Transport Management Software ist the backbone of the company. It not only facilitates the internal processes, reduces mistakes almost to zero and is very easy to connect via EDI to software systems of our customers, but it also enables customers to have full transparency on their supply chain. The system works according to the so called milestone-principle that shows exactly in which part of the pipeline a particular shipment is at a certain moment. Nunner was 15 years ago one of the first logistics service providers that had POD’s and other documents online available for it’s customers.

Nowadays Nunner’s tracking & tracing goes much further than that. Not only you can track easily on shipment level, you can also download complete overviews. You can downdrill as much as you want, having e.g. all shipments visible to a particular country in a period, or all shipments in a certain weight bracket or to a special customer. The customer indicates his wishes and Nunner’s programmers will realize it. You do not have to adapt to our systems, no, we adapt our systems to your requirements.

Nunner can make following reports available online:

  • performance overviews
  • quality overviews
  • financial overviews
  • carbon footprint overviews

All these overviews can be downloaded directly from the website into excel or can directly be send by email to a stakeholder. If it more convenient we can also send the reports on a regular basis.

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