Next big project of the “feel good company”

Vienna OEVZ, 2023 March 8th, (an excerpt from the article, full story in pictures). Once founded in Leibnitz, South Styria NUNNER Logistics is now a contract logistics specialist based in the Netherlands. About 1,000 directly employed employees generate, supported by almost 1,500 temporary workers,  approx € 300M turnover p.a.. “We strive with the combination of organic growth and M&A initiatives an aggressive healthy growth,” Erwin Cootjans sheds light on the business model. NUNNER Logistics is a “feel good company”. Every customer should feel optimal cared for served by a NUNNER staff that can develop with their employer. A professional “employer branding” backs this up. Once checked in at the logistic company customers stay very loyal and do not change easy to a competitor.  Erwin Cootjans refers to Nunner Logistics as a “frontrunner” in terms of sustainability. “There we do a lot, it’s in our DNA”, especially multinational corporations pay attention when choosing their logistics service providers with this in mind. And it is more than just decarbonization by reducing CO2 emissions in the areas of transport, warehousing, distribution and value-added services. They also judge the company on HRM, social responsibility and diversity. One of the recent warehouses in the Netherlands is an example of NUNNER’s vision. The property with 27,000 m² is a completely energy self-sufficient facility. It needs neither gas nor electricity from the public network, but only a water connection. Overall, the company that is privately owned, runs warehouses with a total area of around 500,000 m² in the Netherlands. With the foreign locations in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe this sums up to 700,000 m². The activities in warehouse logistics are flanked by reliable land transport services (truck, rail), air/sea freight and customs logistics. NUNNER Logistics has a branch in Austria in Tilmitsch (Patrick Sohnegg / Josef Hoellwieser) in the district of Leibnitz. Its approximately 50 employees are specialists on road freight traffic in Europe. Now also a warehousing project is in the starting blocks. In Parndorf near Vienna a logistics property with approx 60,000 m² will be realized by the 2nd quarter of 2024. Nunner Logistics partners for this investment, which is rated at around EUR 20M with the Dutch partner company “Focus Real Estate” (Freek Boeijen). At this location customers will be served with needs from 10,000 m² to 60,000 m² of storage space.

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