Connecting your Love – GLOW 2022

Eindhoven, 2022 November 12th-19th, NUNNER Logistics connected OUR love to this years edition of the world famous “GLOW Eindhoven” FESTIVAL in Brainport Eindhoven.

“CONNECTING YOUR LOVE” was a GLOW Eindhoven project  based on an idea by Xuemei(Melissa) Yang and created by ASML (main sponsor of the event) and the Efteling (a unique Dutch theme park with a fairytale atmosphere).

The butterflies for this project that symbolize “CONNECTING YOUR LOVE” landed finally on Einhoven’s market square after they travelled via NUNNER Logistics‘ SILK road connection from China to the Netherlands. From the market, they fly to the Green Tower and to Eindhoven Airport NV.
These butterflies are made from Chinese SILK by artisans at Qinghuai Lantern Festival in Nanjing and tell a story of love, hope and connection home and away.

GLOW Eindhoven is an annual top 5 world famous light-art festival in Brainport Eindhoven attracting almost 1 million visitors.

It is a light art exhibition in the public space of the city of 35 famous national and international light artists. Besides the light artworks and numerous side events created by international light artists, there are also innovative, unique works of art that are created by (young) Eindhoven talents. GLOW Eindhoven is the largest and longest running light festival in the Netherlands. A route is set out visiting all the light installations, which you can explore yourself or with a guide. The festival has a different theme each year.

Thank you TIEDADA GROUP and CAROZ, THE China connection for organisation at departure in China !

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