Nunner otwiera magazyn o powierzchni 10.000m2 w Sosnowcu, Polska

NUNNER Logistics, announced today the opening of a new 10.000 m2 facility in Sosnowiec (close to Katowice), Poland on 2015 September 1st . The new facility includes :

  • Warehousing for general cargo
  • Warehousing areas for regulated and non-regulated chemicals
  • an x-dock serving European partners with a 24h distribution system in Poland oraz distribution into central European countries.
  • Proximity railwayterminal of Slawkow with access to European and Russian railway networks

“NUNNER Logistics helps its customers to build world-class supply and distribution networks. Our processes, information systems, facilities and equipment are all customized for the safe and efficient management of all packed commodities including chemicals” said Marcin Szostak , Nunner’s Managing Director in Poland. ³Nunner ‘s growing customer base in the chemical industry necessitated an expansion of warehousing space, which prompted the company to offer solutions in one of Polands most industrialized areas. Also our customers in other market segments like automotive and high tech will benefit from this new location²

³Demand for this sort of facility in Poland is set to grow rapidly,² Erwin Cootjans, CEO of NUNNER Logistics, stated. ³There are so many planned factories in Poland and the economy has grown in the last years despite the economic crisis in the rest of Europe. We also plan to use the new location as a gateway to the Russian rail networks².

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