Nagroda dla Nunner Logistics na Litwie

Nunner Logistics UAB recognized as one of top forwarders in Lithuania for the second consecutive year.
On 28th of May, 2015 Nunner Logistics UAB has been awarded 2nd place in the elections of the “Architect of Transport and Logistics” organized by Lineka, Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics.  Nunner Logistics UAB is the only company so far winning in the elections for the second consecutive year-in 2014 Nunner Logistics UAB has been awarded the 4th place.

Lineka is organizing the awards for the “Architect of Transport and Logistics” since 2014. The purpose of the nominations is to recognize the most progressive companies, and those companies having the biggest impact to the development of Lithuanian transport and logistics system. Numerous factors, such as sales revenue and profit, the growth of sales revenue and profit compared to the previous year of action, EBITDA, absence of outstanding debts were taken into account.

Nunner Logistics office in Vilnius has been operating since 2011.

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