Working at Nunner

Every product you see around you has been on a truck, train, ship or aircraft at some point—your laptop, your phone, the bed you sleep in, the food you eat.  Nunner specializes in how each of those products ends up where it needs to be. We are a company, coordinating the movement of massive amounts of freight across the world for customers of all sizes in a variety of trade and industries.

Nunner is a fast growing logistics company, and this has a reason. Our skillfull and committed people know how they should serve our customers. They are supported by high-end IT solutions and by a big worldwide network, but they execute their task with the personalized service model of a niche provider. In our daily operations we need a wide variety of skilled people. Typical jobs at Nunner are a.o. dispatchers, , salespeople, forkliftdivers, financial administrators, financial analysts, facility managers, plantmanagers etc.etc. We are constantly  looking for outgoing, energetic, intelligent, and motivated individuals to combine prospective customer’s needs with resourceful transportation solutions and who can run the activities to accommodate that in all disciplines.

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